About Us

Hi, I’m Victor Cody and I run Shelf Juicers.

I’ve always been a health fanatic. Being the son of a doctor, always made me do things that are best for my health. Being stuck at this since my childhood made me more curious about exploring better for my health. Nature has provided us the plenty of fruits and vegetables which are vital for our healthy life. And consuming them by juicing is the easiest way. Leading to this made me explore the products that are the best for juicing fruits and vegetables. And yes I have tried many juicers and blenders since i was 18.

I for the most part telecommute, assisting individuals with building sites and market their organizations, and in any event, when the workday is done, I can at present be discovered chasing the web for the following occasion thing to get my hands on.

Prior to this site, I used to go to Amazon, ask about the audits, and to locate the correct juice reamer to purchase. Doing that, I saw huge loads of surveys where it was simply clear these individuals didn’t think a lot about, still, they were composing a review of what was plainly the principal juicer they’ve ever bought and were excited about (welcome to the 21st century).

Don’t get me wrong, I love observing people get involved in food and juices and getting more health benefits, but I wanted better reviews and wasn’t satisfied with what I was looking for.

Who Are We?

Everything you see on ‘Shelf Juicers’, the reviews and the product ratings, is of our own making. We don’t use other’s reviews for any purpose. This is why our content is examined by ourselves using our own means and doing our own research.

Products & Reviews

In the event that you are the owner/designer/part of the organization whose item we have mentioned and reviewed here and have a few remarks (positive or negative) with respect to the surveys on this site, you can tell us,, and we cheerfully think about your input.

Contact us if you would like to talk to us regarding any matter, you can go to the contact page and submit your question.